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My journey started out with lifestyle photography. I had been at it for 9 years until my move to Texas. I always wanted to do boudoir but found myself limited by living in a much smaller town. Luckily, we moved to Houston, Texas in 2020 and that’s when I finally decided to go for my dream of empowering women and creating a one of a kind self love experience for my clients. Of course, all of my friends and family were not surprised in the slightest. They knew boudoir was “so me” and I couldn’t agree more. 


   Celebrate             body

Boudoir feeds every part of me. I have always loved the body and think it is beautiful in every shape and stage it comes in. I love celebrating the body in every way; through movement, through photography, through dressing up. Boudoir encompases all of that in the most special way. I love to capture these moments of celebration and I want to help others to embrace what makes them, them.


- DK

"Bri is amazing at what she does! She has such a talent and made me feel so comfortable the entire shoot! I just love how moody and romantic my photos turned out!! Book with Bri!! "


 I loved her work so much that I  hired her with her within seconds. She made us feel so welcome and BEAUTIFUL from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out.


Bri was meant for this business! She knows how to make you feel comfortable right from the start. She always goes above and beyond to bring the vision to light!


Can I just say how amazing Bri is!! She is the best hype girl! She makes you feel so comfortable and confident! I wouldn’t be able to have my wonderful photos without her!


I didn’t think I was sexy enough to pull off this kind of shoot but bri worked her magic and was able to to make me feel so comfortable (even when I was naked!) Bri knew exactly how to shoot my body!